Welcome to the Valley, Even Stevens!

We are thrilled to be working with Utah-based sandwich chain Even Stevens Sandwiches who will be opening three valley locations around metro Phoenix this fall! The sandwich shop is known for their incredible food and buy-one-get-one model. That's right - for every sandwich sold in its Arizona stores, the company will also donate one sandwich to local food banks. 

The first Even Stevens sandwich shop to open in Arizona will be located at 384 North Gilbert Road in Gilbert, and will hold its grand opening on Wednesday, October 5. That restaurant will be followed by a second location at 21 West Van Buren Street in downtown Phoenix, which will open on Wednesday, November 2. A third location will open at 7217 East Fourth Avenue in Old Town Scottsdale on Monday, November 7. 

We are excited for our partnership with Even Stevens Sandwiches and wish them a warm welcome to the Valley of the Sun! 

For more info check out: 

·         http://buff.ly/2cqYZvP

·         http://buff.ly/2cr06Me

·         http://buff.ly/2cYWXrS



By Jill B. Hamblen, AIA

It’s often easy to do what you’ve always done.  The result may not be bad but it is not stretching our knowledge or our outcomes.  In order to move to a higher level of thought we need to continue to ask questions and find answers.  A re-occurring theme of the recent healthcare conferences has been the lack of patients on the user group team.  We feel this is a huge gap we can begin to explore and here’s how:

  • Each person has been asked to bring a good or bad patient experience to the team.  Medical details aside we will understand the situation from the patient perspective.

  • The resulting information will inform the team for a more well-rounded design

  • Solutions will be added to our programming process to discuss with the rest of the end-user team.

We look forward to pushing the envelope and providing even better solutions to our clients and the patients who use their facilities.  Stay tuned for the results of our exercise.


By Jill B. Hamblen, AIA

I was recently at an uplifting and informative leadership summit.  The women in the rooms spanned the ages from 20 “somethings” to 80 “somethings.”  Each and every person in the room so relevant in their own right, some by design others by their own naivety.  So many rich nuggets of information to share but one is top of mind; BE WISE.  We often assume it is a matter of age but the Japanese prove us wrong.  In a study shared at this retreat we learn the youngest Japanese are actually wiser than the oldest Americans.  It’s a major cultural difference.  The Japanese emphasis a harmonious relationship where as Americans celebrate individualism.  The effect is Japanese learn about interpersonal relationships which gives them a stronger perspective from birth.  We celebrate being an individual, stand on your own two feet.  The result is Japanese develop wise reasoning at a young age therefore older is not always wiser.

Link to story from Psychology Today

Thanks to Thunderbird Leadership Consulting for a wonderful day at the summit.


By Rafael F. Fontes, Assoc. AIA

We recently came across an article that we just couldn’t wait to share from AZ Business Magazine: http://azbigmedia.com/ab/study-women-owners-worklife-balance

Short of summarizing the whole thing, the biggest takeaways for us are that women-owned business constitute a vital part of the current economic recovery, and that they are more likely to prioritize work-life balance.

This matters to us, as we are proud to be a women-owned and run business in an industry where such instances are still too rare. Moreover, we were thrilled to see that the article touches upon one of our most cherished values as a company, BALANCE. As a business, we often balance creative problem solving with the often non-negotiable constraints of cost, client needs, and time. We want to provide the best possible service to our clients, while still ensuring that we are able to develop and enrich our professional experience and all those in contact with the spaces we create.

This is why we value balance. We hope you will give the article a read, as it not only provides statistics, but also some helpful thoughts and tips for those wishing to attain balance in their personal and professional lives.


By Jill B. Hamblen, AIA

I HAD A MAJOR REALITY CHECK!  Marlene and I were part of an amazing program through APS called the AAAME program.  One of our most memorable speakers was Christopher Dorris, a mental toughness coach.  His presentation was about being “ALL IN” in order to make life magical (those are my words not his.)  I was taken back when one of our classmates gave the excuse of time.  He said then it’s not really important.  She said “no, I really want to do it.” He said then “time is not relevant.”  The conversation was direct and spot on.

If your big goal in life is important:

  • Time is irrelevant

  • You will naturally do what it takes to get it done.

Chris’s book is a great, quick read and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be “All In” with everything you do in life.

Purchase Chris's book on Amazon

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