Aug 24, 2019 | Connect

I was recently at an uplifting and informative leadership summit. The women in the rooms spanned the ages from 20 “somethings” to 80 “somethings.” Each and every person in the room so relevant in their own right, some by design others by their own naivety. So many rich nuggets of information to share but one is top of mind; BE WISE.

We often assume it is a matter of age but the Japanese prove us wrong. In a study shared at this retreat we learn the youngest Japanese are actually wiser than the oldest Americans. It’s a major cultural difference. The Japanese emphasis a harmonious relationship where as Americans celebrate individualism. The effect is Japanese learn about interpersonal relationships which gives them a stronger perspective from birth.

We celebrate being an individual, stand on your own two feet. The result is Japanese develop wise reasoning at a young age therefore older is not always wiser.

Check out this story from Psychology Today

Thanks to Thunderbird for a wonderful day at the summit.