Aaron Francis

AIA, Leed

Senior Project Manager


Aaron’s career in Architecture began with large firms that provided him the opportunity to work on projects with many technical requirements. Being exposed to exceptional project managers created an opportunity to learn and created a platform to become a leader at triARC. As a member of the management team, Aaron is a trusted adviser to Jill and a confidant for the junior team.

Working with all players in the project process is one of Aaron’s strengths with a strong steady approach to conflict. Aaron is also known to be extremely detail oriented. His keen eye for design and technical expertise in constructability is shown in all the projects that he works on.

fun facts

I look terrible with a mustache.

I secretly despise dubstep.

I once walked to work. Uphill. Both ways.

I got third place in a school spelling bee in second grade.



I can order beer in Spanish


unique experiences

I went to Oktoberfest in Munich.

One time I went to Starbucks, and ordered a plain coffee.

I’ve had fresh flying fish, right out of the ocean. It tastes just like fish.