Becky Rushford

Senior Project Manager

Specialty Healthcare Team Lead


“Have courage and be kind. For where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic.” – Cinderella


Becky has over 17-year experience in healthcare architecture with a wide range of healthcare specialty work. Becky more recently was able to design drive-through COVID testing centers and vaccination centers for UMass Memorial Medical Center. “Knowing that I’m contributing to help end the pandemic in some small way with my coworkers brought me a profound sense of satisfaction”. At triARC Becky has become an essential leader of our healthcare team. Managing our largest account for medical imaging centers, Becky balances leadership and execution of a multitude of projects at once.

Becky was inspired to become an architect since she was a young child. She has been playing with space and design from a young age by moving her room around monthly and building shanties in the backyard. Becky considers creating warm, functional, and inviting spaces that leave you with wonderful memories and a sense of ease, as one of her greatest joys in life.

fun facts

I am triARC’s first 100% remote employee

I live in Massachusetts, an hour outside of Boston.

I love cooking, especially with vibrant and fun spices like sumac or zaatar. 

You can catch me pouring beer on the occasional Sunday at our family’s brewery. 

I am downright obsessed with owls and birds in general.



French (Comme une petite fille)

Enough Mandarin Chinese to order egg-fried rice and beer.


unique experiences

I spent a semester living/traveling in China.

I drove across the country to deliver my best friend to his now wife.

I lived in Montreal for a summer riding my bike, polishing my French language skills, and reading every secondhand book I could get my hands on.