Heinz Chow


Project Designer

“Do not regret the things you have done, regret the things you did not do when you had the chance”


Heinz’s began his career at ASU where he received his bachelor of science in interior design. Heinz’s experience in restaurant and corporate design has given him the platform to weave hospitality in any project type. His specialized skill in providing quality deliverables for schematic and design development allows our clients to truly experience and feel their future space prior to construction. 

Heinz’s passion is about the experience of a project and finding a way to provide a concept the client can really identify with. His expertise in providing detailed and appropriate design presentations (i.e. design labs, renderings, finish palettes) for the client has really helped in conveying space to the client and helping them feel excitement throughout the entire project competition. Outside of work you will find Heinz mixing and DJing, practicing magic tricks, collecting spiffy shoes, and working on the design of his new home!

fun facts


I eat things I hate just to see if I still hate them.

My Chinese name is Man.

I know how to make Latte Art.

My birthday is on National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.






unique experiences

I moved to Arizona by myself without knowing anyone.