Marlene Brandemuehl



“Don’t Worry; Be Happy” – Bob Marley


Marlene’s knack for leadership and vision was first recognized in high school when she was recruited to be the quarterback for her school’s football team. Luckily for us, she soon shifted her energy and passions towards studies in architecture, earning multiple degrees. Marlene began her architectural career by being recruited by local healthcare guru Mo Stein from the Healthcare Architecture graduate program at Clemson University. This is where her broadened architectural interest honed into expertise in technologically advanced healthcare environments.

Marlene has since continued to establish herself as an expert in planning state-of-the-art, technology-driven healthcare environments. She has expertly found a passion and art in fully integrating this with patient comfort. Marlene’s passion is piecing projects together. She now oversees the production of all architectural projects as co-owner of her own all-star team at triARC. She has earned a reputation as a valued partner in developing community and business in the Valley with her strong working relationship with clients, consultants, and continues to increase the standards for state-of-the-art healthcare.

fun facts

I was the manager of my high school football team.

At one point I was asked if I wanted to be the quarterback and refused the offer.

My hidden talent is being a pool shark and I would like to brush off the dust when I’m an empty nester.

I completed seven 1/2 marathons between the ages of 33 and 42. I have never been a runner prior.


Teenage Girl

Clemson Orange


unique experiences

I completed a semester of graduate school in Genova, Italy.

I completed the AAAME (APS Academy for Advancement of Small, Minority, Women-owned Enterprises) program with my business partner.