Niki Kashfian Rahnama

Junior Project Manager

“Jealousy is the thief of joy”


Niki Kashfian Rahnama is one of our Junior Project Managers within the multi-family sector of our triARC team. Niki was inspired to become an architect after enrolling in the Architecture and Design program at her high school! One of her projects revolved around designing her dream house, and after spending countless hours hand drafting and model making, she became obsessed with design. After learning about purposeful design techniques and their impact on our everyday life. After that, Niki was never able to look at a space in the same way again and felt the urge to design with intention. Design is important to her because it allows the opportunity for both aesthetic and functional changes in our environment which impact the productivity of spaces.

fun facts

During the pandemic, I drafted and managed renovations on my childhood home—something I had been dreaming about since I was a little girl.





unique experiences

I studied abroad in Paris and learned about the history and culture of the city through a daily walking tour of each neighborhood instead of sitting in a classroom.