Shelby Ben-Shalom

Studio Technician

“Take your job seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.” -Alex Trebek


Shelby Ben-Shalom, Studio Technician, was inspired by her dad at a young age. Working in construction, he always had plans around the house, and he showed her what was what. As she got older, she realized how the physical environment affects us and is, most of the time, not designed with people in mind. In school, she discovered Michael Graves, not only did she enjoy his postmodernist work, but she liked his philosophy behind design. Graves journey into the medical field after he became disabled was monumental as he realized the amount of “bad” design that is out there. For Shelby, if she can help in creating a more consciously thought world, no matter how small a project is, then she’s in!

fun facts

I can point out every country on the map in under 8 minutes.




unique experiences

I got to work with a firm based in Boston and built a replica of the Walden cabin on Martha’s Vineyard in a week!