Aug 22, 2019 | Create

We recently came across an article that we just couldn’t wait to share from AZ Business Magazine:
Study: Women Owners Have Better Work-Life Balance

Short of summarizing the whole thing, the biggest takeaways for us are that women-owned business constitute a vital part of the current economic recovery, and that they are more likely to prioritize work-life balance.

This matters to us, as we are proud to be a women-owned and run business in an industry where such instances are still too rare. Moreover, we were thrilled to see that the article touches upon one of our most cherished values as a company, BALANCE. As a business, we often balance creative problem solving with the often non-negotiable constraints of cost, client needs, and time. We want to provide the best possible service to our clients, while still ensuring that we are able to develop and enrich our professional experience and all those in contact with the spaces we create.

This is why we value balance. We hope you will give the article a read, as it not only provides statistics, but also some helpful thoughts and tips for those wishing to attain balance in their personal and professional lives.