29 Palms

project specs

Industry: Multifamily Living

Size / square footage: 23,000 sf (25 units)

What were the special elements of the project?:
Foundation for Senior Living and First Place AZ are joining forces again, to develop a second multifamily residential property for seniors and young adults with autism. Twentynine Palms II will not only provide affordable, high-energy efficient apartments built with no volatile organic chemicals, but will also be a community where the residents can interact and enrich each other’s lives.

little details

29 Palms II, located in central Phoenix, is a multifamily residential campus. Twenty-five residences are housed within five single-story buildings, along with a community and office building to serve the seniors and young adults with autism who will live there.

To meet the needs of the residents, the design is ADA compliant as well as addresses sensory integration concerns. Construction materials have been chosen to minimize off-gassing, and lighting and acoustical performance are addressed throughout. Other special design details include incorporating assistive technology, such as visual alert devices used in units for people with deafness or hearing impairments. The campus will be a welcoming and secure home for future residents.

Construction is underway, with the opening scheduled for Fall 2020.