Adelante Healthcare Central Support Office

project specs

Industry: Office TI

Size / square footage: 36,000 sf

Industry: Office TI

What were the special elements of the project?
triARC worked with Adelante to reflect their heritage as a health organization. The overarching concept of “family tree” became the basis for the design. Adelante’s notion of diversity and community was celebrated, where their roots and branches became the springboard and foundation of each space’s design. When a guest walks from one area to another, Adelante’s story is told without a word being said. This corporate headquarters not only houses the administrative staff, but has become a home to Adelante’s dedicated employees.

little details

Adelante was in need of a new corporate identity to serve their growing organization. Ultimately planned for 160 employees, the individual workspaces were designed efficiently allowing for more collaborative and communal spaces.

Finishes resembling natural elements like tree rings, grass and stone were celebrated. Contrasting floors and ceilings with soft curves emulated organic design while maintaining vibrancy in the space. Spaces that can be used for either work or play blur the lines of home and work. A skylight addition and grass-like flooring tiles create an “outdoor” sitting area complete with lawn furniture and a fireplace. Break rooms on both floors were designed to feel like a cantina in the middle of Mexico, again celebrating Adelante’s rich diversity and heritage.

The end result of the colorful and welcoming two-story office belies the challenges that triARC faced. There were no existing drawings to the building and penetrating low ceiling heights with unknown conditions created a “design-on-the-fly” process. Adelante requested that their elevator opened directly into the office, but because safety code calls for an elevator lobby, a creative solution was needed. triARC was able to provide the open feel Adelante envisioned while satisfying code requirements by designing walls of glass.