Adelante Healthcare Goodyear

project specs

Size / square footage: 45,000 SF

Industry: General medical practice and healthcare facility.

What were the special elements of the project?:
Modelling the building out of living systems, the exterior building found its inspiration in the mountains surrounding Phoenix and in particular White Tank Range clearly visible to the west of Goodyear and the Red Mountain to the east in the Salt River Pima – Maricopa Indian Community while the interior took its cue from the narrow light dappled Antelope Canyon on Navajo lands east of Page, Arizona.
Organic Architecture was a main focus in this design. The importance of this concept to the project was to reflect not only the natural world of Arizona but to attempt to synthesize the calming and spiritual elements always found in nature to provide a measure of peace and reduce the stress that patients have when the contemplate a visit to the doctor.

little details

The curvilinear building design follows a portion of the White Tank Mountain peaks and uses a smooth and split faced masonry palette of colors taken directly from rock samples along Red Mountain river banks.

Cardinal incorporated gracefully curved flying buttresses extending the corners of the building complemented by free standing walls that not only provide a strong visual representation of the natural mountains but allow a three-dimensional experience to the viewer as they pass under and between the walls of the building giving the feeling of wandering through an Arizona canyon. The two-story curved curtain wall entrances present themselves as a passageway into a cave opening into a spacious canyon, the public space of the Healthcare center.

The seamless blending of the public spaces and the “back of house” areas are a hallmark of the Adelante buildings. The extensive use of soffiting, skylights and solar tubes create the effect of the “shafts of light” for which Antelope Canyon is so well known while the warm finishes and rich hues of flooring evoke the rock and sand floors of the canyon.