PCI Masthead

project specs

Industry: Office/Industrial TI

Size / square footage: 39,000 sf

What were the special elements of the project?:
Distinct entrances and reception areas were created for PCI and Masthead, capturing the particular brand of each company, with sleek design elements unifying the shared common areas.

triARC was selected for this design-build project by general contractor, Willmeng, whom we have partnered with on previous projects. triARC provided everything from schematic design to choosing the furniture

little details

When PCI acquired Masthead, they wanted to house administrative functions in a shared space. triARC gave each company their own entrance and reception areas.  Metal, wood and concrete are the finishes utilized to create the simple but sophisticated design PCI envisioned. PCI’s logo is affixed to a wood wall, which adds warmth in contrast to the otherwise sleek finishes of concrete and metal flooring.  To further the sleek design, no baseboards were used, which meant the drywall had to be perfect–showing off PCI’s expertise.  Masthead’s reception desk replicates a cargo crate, giving visitors a glimpse into their craft.  Glass also played a main ingredient in the design to offset some of the heavy woods and concrete design – especially in an otherwise tight and lengthy corridor. 

One of the big challenges triARC faced was to expand the office building area.  The increase in office area meant an increase in the number of parking and landscaping spaces required due to city code regulations.  To maintain flexibility for the current tenant and future leasing opportunity, triARC came up with a unique solution: portable landscape planters with built-in self-watering system.  This maintained low construction costs (no need for sawcutting existing asphalt and installing irrigation), satisfied city requirements, and allowed flexibility for future tenants.