arcatects & DOGsigners


About me: Hi my name is Betty! I am one of the most loyal dogs there ever was. I love coming into the office and watching my human in his master revitting abilities. I might just let you give me a treat if my human is close enough! 



About me: Hi my name is Indie! I love coming to the office when no one else is around to play with the space plans and all of those great pens! My mama also has lots of colorful toys at her desk that I could play with all day. I love coming in and watching my mermaid human do her thang! Fun fact: My gender reveal was celebrated at triARC!




About me: Hi my name is Harley! I love to smile and snuggle with all of my office friends. My favorite thing to do is go around the office and give everyone kisses on their mouth. If you can’t find me i’m probably laying down on the concrete floor in the breakroom cooling down… and maybe also waiting for snacks.



About me: Hi my name is Arthur! I’ve grown up at triARC, and I love visiting the office. I really like crawling under our furniture samples and am probably the most photogenic prince pup there ever was. I also just graduated from Behavioral School – too see my graduation cap photo with my adorable toof shmile go check out triARC’s instagram page!



About me: Hi my name is Bruin! I am the youngest dog of my family, which makes me the baby of the family. I love being the youngest pup. My main job is to be cute and cuddly. One day when I grow up my mom says i’m going to be a giant fluffy dog. I can’t imagine that right now. For now, though, if you ever need to find me I will be snuggled up in the office bassinet!



About me: Hi my name is Koda! I have energy like the energizer bunny and I love exploring and being curious. I have grown up at triARC and know all of the best toys around the office. My favorite is a little chewy bright orange ball. My mom says it’s a “basketball.” My favorite thing to do around the office is lay upside down and get belly rubs!