project specs

Size / square footage: 1,650 sf

Industry: Engineering /Manufacturing. Office TI.

What were the special elements of the project?
The design process included surveys and C-suite meetings to assure a departure from PING’s traditional design was embraced and understood.

little details

PING, the internationally acclaimed leader in golf gear, is a family-owned business headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. They have built their reputation by producing the highest quality gear while treating their employees and customers with respect and integrity.

triARC walked the leadership team through a series of thought-provoking exercises which revealed PING’s desire for a contemporary space. Further discussion confirmed that this departure from their original design was embraced and understood.

triARC created a secure yet welcoming, modern space to greet visiting dignitaries (aka professional golfers), vendors, employees, friends, and guests. Varying ceiling heights and finishes as well as distinctive flooring define each of the three areas that comprise the lobby: the reception desk, a waiting area and an area showcasing PING’s legacy.

The graceful contour of the reception desk and ceiling recall the precision engineering that created the PING logo and their iconic clubs.