Private Client Arizona

project specs

Size / square footage: 20,000 sf

Industry: Office/Industrial TI

What were the special elements of the project?:
Our passion is helping our clients achieve the space that works the best for their needs, their employees needs, and their client’s needs – and our designers married these perfectly in this Office TI!

little details

This client needed a space that would be suitable for both their day to day employees and their clients that come in for meetings and visits. The project and site deals daily with conservative clients. They wanted help giving their space a little facelift without it looking too elaborate or extravagant for their clients. Finally, the floor plan needed more separation and better space planning to make the site was more efficient and useable for both the open call center portion of the office, and the quieter client side.

A fun detail we were able to play with was the lighting. We installed suspension lighting at an angel instead of standard 2x4s to provide a more cost efficient and energy efficient light output. We continued the lighting in the office by adding recessed linears – almost as if the lights faded away into the ceiling. This provided a nice touch of modern design without being extravagant or flashy.

In the waiting area we opened up the ceiling and embraced the large windows to increase light and space and for a final special detail in the employees breakroom we played with some high contrast flooring to add a little bit of fun but still keep the space neat, clean and classy.