SimonMed Estrella

project specs

Size / square footage: 3,325 sf

Industry: Medical Imaging. Healthcare TI.

What were the special elements of the project?
Dr. Simon was ready for an upgrade in the look and finish. triARC assisted with the creation of a new design and standard finishes.

little details

Our collaboration with Dr. Simon dates back to 2006, the first year we opened for business. It is with Dr. Simon that triARC really honed our medical imaging design skills–we have worked on over 250 projects together in the past dozen years!

We value the relationship that has developed, and attribute this to understanding SimonMed’s mission, staying in communication throughout the process and delivering functionally beautiful spaces.

SimonMed uses the most current technologies in their offices, which aligns with triARC’s expertise to ensure structural elements and electrical systems can support new medical equipment. Careful design allows for efficient healthcare flow, optimizing the experience for staff and patients.

triARC also recognizes the importance of creating a beautiful and comfortable space to optimize patients’ sense of well-being. Our partnership has created state of the art medical imaging facilities across the country.