Aug 21, 2019 | Connect

It’s often easy to do what you’ve always done. The result may not be bad but it is not stretching our knowledge or our outcomes. In order to move to a higher level of thought we need to continue to ask questions and find answers. A re-occurring theme of the recent healthcare conferences has been the lack of patients on the user group team. We feel this is a huge gap we can begin to explore and here’s how:

• Each person has been asked to bring a good or bad patient experience to the team. Medical details aside we will understand the situation from the patient perspective.
• The resulting information will inform the team for a more well-rounded design
• Solutions will be added to our programming process to discuss with the rest of the end-user team.

We look forward to pushing the envelope and providing even better solutions to our clients and the patients who use their facilities. Stay tuned for the results of our exercise.